Software Development

Marketing stops seeing the market through segments, and begins to see it as individuals. Communication ceases to be en masse and begins to be personalized in real time. Finally, the consumer ceases to be a recipient of information and begins to be a co-producer of it.

  • Profiling and micro-segmentation – companies are now able to obtain large amounts of unrelated data and link them to a single individual

  • Optimization of content – Based on the information obtained in the profiling and micro-segmentation processes, it is possible to teach each user highly personalized content.

  • Sentiment analysis – This information is useful to predict possible eventualities and react to them in time.

Any Big Data strategy should be aimed to create a better experience and increase the value given to each individual. That is why the third component is based on personalization, relevance and reward.

Hosting & Domains

After 15 years of experience in E-Commerce markets we offer Hosting solutions with dedicated servers for special requirements.

  • Development – Access your Big Data Servers from anywhere

  • Production – High Availability for your clients, stop 503 error

  • Backup – Secures data from being lost

Our support can help you manage the servers , without the need of your staff to manage them.

Labs & Startups

We research new technologies to provide our clients the latest advances in their business

  • Big Data – We use the latest algorithms for predictive methods

  • Blockchain – We talk the same language, and understand your needs

  • Client Insight – We are specialized in Insight Marketing

You have the idea, we have the technology, we can make it happen together

Digital Strategy

Our experience is in your favor, not only do we put technology, we also provide the knowledge of various companies which we have worked with to achieve their goals

  • Business consultant – We help you to achieve your objectives

  • Lean Startup – We use different methods to obtain results

  • Marketing Consultant – Our international experience allows us to size your business

We are not only your provider, we work hand in hand with you

Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focussed and efficient discovery

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